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HydroPower DI Starter Kit

HydroPower DI Starter Kit

Your Price: $727.50
Part Number:UN HP06K

• FloWater Technology

• QuickChange Resin Bags

• FastLock Opening

THE NEW Quickchange Resin Bags:

• Enables a rapid and easy resin replacement right on spot where the cleaning is done

• Can be put in or taken out of the system as easy as coffee pads out of a coffee machine

• Each bag contains a preproportionated amount of resin and is made from a waterpermeable material

Flowater Technology:

• The innovative water distribution system ensures more efficient flow through the entire vessel.

Fastlock Opening:

• Easy and quick opening and locking of the filter.

• Safe, self locking mechanism.

• Features pressure release valve.

Kit Includes:

• HydroPower® DI Filter

• nLite Aluminium Pole, 4 sections, 6 m (20 ft)

• nLite Hose, 20 m (36 ft)

• nLite Radius Brush, 27cm

• HiFlo MultiLink Adapter

Price and availability may vary.

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